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Patri E Holmer

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have been so very attentive to detail, arrangements, my questions and worries. It was a pleasure to have worked with you! Hope my next adopted pet and I get the opportunity to work with you in the future. Patri


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Hola Alejandro excelente esta familia unida esta muy feliz con tu ayuda,atencion d lujo mil gracias a todo tu equipo

Kassandra Nelson

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Hi Alejandro! Everything went really well we just had to wait awhile for agriculture Canada to look her over. But she is here now and so comfortable! You and your company are so amazing. Thank you so much for everything! I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much! Kassandra

Terrence Thurber

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Hey Guys, Everything was perfect at Portland, the leash etc was all there when we got the dog. He seemed like he had a good trip, and no one had any complaints. Thanks everyone, With regards, Terrence.

Jeff Pagliarulo

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I was super nervous about shipping our "baby"( A 70 lb American Bulldog) back the US. I had all sorts or questions, worries, and scenarios playing out in my mind. But Alejandro at LAS did his absolute best to put me at ease. As it turned out, there was nothing to worry about. My doggie had to spend a night in Atlanta at the kennel there, they sent me pictures of my happy dog at the kennel that eased my worries. Next morning she arrived on-time, in great condition, and the guys at the air cargo pick0up were super helpful as well.. All in all it was a painless process that Alejandro handled from beginning to end perfectly. My doggie is now happy as a clam in her new yard chasing squirrels, all thanks to LAS, and Alejandro, and his great team. I would recommend them to anybody. Good show! (Not sure if i marked 1 star or 5, but it was meant to be 5 stars)

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