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Jeff Pagliarulo

Valoracion Media:


I was super nervous about shipping our "baby"( A 70 lb American Bulldog) back the US. I had all sorts or questions, worries, and scenarios playing out in my mind. But Alejandro at LAS did his absolute best to put me at ease. As it turned out, there was nothing to worry about. My doggie had to spend a night in Atlanta at the kennel there, they sent me pictures of my happy dog at the kennel that eased my worries. Next morning she arrived on-time, in great condition, and the guys at the air cargo pick0up were super helpful as well.. All in all it was a painless process that Alejandro handled from beginning to end perfectly. My doggie is now happy as a clam in her new yard chasing squirrels, all thanks to LAS, and Alejandro, and his great team. I would recommend them to anybody. Good show! (Not sure if i marked 1 star or 5, but it was meant to be 5 stars)

Les McConnell

Valoracion Media:


My dog arrived last nite. Everything went very good. I am happy and the dog is happy. Thank you for all your work. I will recommend to all people I know the good work you do. Pura Vida........ Les McConnell

Samira Ramirez

Valoracion Media:


Excelente servicio

Maria Le Lani Zeledon

Valoracion Media:


Mis dos perritas Molly y Estrellita son para nosotros como parte de la familia y estabamos muy preocupados por como iban a poder viajar solas de Costa Rica hasta Los Ángeles California en forma segura,pero gracias a sus excelente servicio y experiencia ellas llegaron sanas y muy bien. Les hago llegar mi mas sincero agradecimiento por su ayuda y mi felicitación por el excelente manejo del traslado de mis mascotas.


Valoracion Media:


We decided to move to Costa Rica! Making an international move to a country where you don't speak the language is stressful enough. Moving your animals is daunting, to say the least. After searching the web, we asked our shipper what he recommends: LAS was the answer he gave. No equivocation, I his opinion they were the best. I contacted them and within 20 minutes I received a response. Luis greeted me and told me to expect a call from Roosevelt who would be our liaison. Roosevelt called and told me exactly what papers and clearances I needed and carefully explained the procedures. Of course, being type A personality, I questioned and re-questioned most things. Patient beyond belief, they offered reasons and re-stated what I needed to do. I followed each item to the letter. I Went to the USDA Live Animal export near LAX with all the certificates from my Vet. We were exporting 3 animals - 1 dog going as cargo because she required a Giant crate and 2 cats, under our seats in the plane. Clockwork, it all happened exactly as they said it would, like clockwork. They met Ella at the airport and stayed there during her entire procedure of inspection by Costa Rican vet and authentication of her paperwork. Then they delivered her to us at our hotel. Perfect, everything was perfect. Roosevelt and Luis are to be commended for their professionalism, compassion and dedication. Roosevelt deserves our gratitude and enduring loyalty for his care of our pets. Oh --- next day he took us to a Pet Supply facility to get the nessessary items for the animals. Great prices and quality food, Rx and accessories. Most times we tell 10 people of a terrible experience --- this time I hope this reaches 100s of people about our wonderful experience with LIVE ANIMAL SHIPPING COSTA RICA. PLEASE use them, you'll never look back.

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