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Published 19-04-2016

Our friend Macca, arrived yesterday to London, from San Jose, Costa Rica.

Londes is a destination of the most complicated, and Macca is branquicefala race, we had a double challenge.

Finally everything went perfect, as expected.

LAS team wishes you a happy stay to Macca.

Delta airlines and American Airlines will not allow carry on their flights certain types of trophies. The announcement of companies Monday came after protests over the death of Cecil African lion.

Delta said it has banned worldwide trophies sending lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffaloes.



Published 03-03-2016

Our Friend SIA, is traveling today to Atlanta from San Jose, Costa Rica. We wish you an excellent trip.



Published 01-03-2016

Our Friend Nieve, is traveling today to Houston Texas from Alajuela, Costa Rica. We wish you an excellent trip.

When children and pets in the household, it is very important to have some basic rules of behavior for the relationship between them is good and there is a risk that neither damaged.

Animals are not toys, but you can teach children how to care for them using the game. The natural inclination of children to play, makes this an ideal to teach good values and habits without feeling pressured to learn tool.

Dogs, unlike humans, they are very different guidelines to know each other and have their own rules. In any case, when they meet a new dog it will never approach directly, talking, probably with high-pitched voice (Ahhh! But how beautiful is my little!, you sound, no), gesturing and trying to touch her head. This is precisely what we usually do humans. When a dog sees all these actions is normal to pass us. Do you guys not what would you do? ;)

In the municipality of Naucalpan, Mexico, and the first public hospital for animals worthy example to follow for the rest of Latin American countries he was inaugurated. In the center they serve cats and dogs, at very low cost or even free.

The director of the construction work, Omar Sanchez, said "I am very excited and proud to be able to carry out the public opening of the new veterinary hospital in Mexico City, which claim to offer one of the best services for dogs and cats.


Trash vs Turtles

Published 22-12-2015

On a beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, the director of the Leatherback Trust conservation group she found an olive or olive ridley with a huge plastic nose. With the help of pliers, this man-and the support of several connacionales- removed the plastic to the astonishment of those present, especially because it was a fork.

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